First post!!

Hello!! This is my first dayre post! I am inspired to set up an account to maybe, hopefully connect with other mamas to be and moms!!!

Currently I am 12 weeks pregnant, malaysian living in Melbourne! So far, during pregnancy, I have been craving malaysian food, ohhh, especially anything soupy… Or spicy.. Curry laksa, nasi lemak, Assam laksa, and missing home so much…

feeling nauseated and tired especially when I forgot to snack..

Yay! I have my first follower. Just when I thought it’s going to really quiet here.. Thanks @rayleentan

Hmm, what can I share so far? I haven’t told any of my friends that I am expecting yet. It’s just that I had a high risk pregnancy 2 years ago, gave birth to a baby girl when she’s 33 weeks, she was very sick and I was heartbroken, eventually after 5 months stay in NICU..she decided to leave and be my angel. It was traumatic but then there were so many blessings too.

It took me lots of courage to try for another one. And I am glad my heart can be open to another child.

I guess we can never be fully ready, but I know I just got to look forward and just have faith and believe that although shit happens, my desire to be a mom and have my own child outweighs the fear and anxiety that I may go through.

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I couldn’t sleep for almost 2 months, I was so anxious and worried, scared..

Now, i am feeling more relaxed about the whole thing as I am getting used to the idea of pregnancy. I try to push those scary thoughts to the back of my mind. I kept myself occupied reading posts of dayre moms and their cute babies, surprisingly I find that it makes me hopeful and positive 🙂

Talking about nausea, This happy mama spray is my lifesaver when I feel queasy, it’s an aromatherapy spray with refreshing citrus scent. So good to use with feeling nauseated in a car ride.

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