centrifuged breast milk, skinny milk

Sweet potato noodle soup for breakfast

Breast milk, the miracle healing liquid

My first child was born sick and she couldn't tolerate full fat milk as the fat or they call it chyle will leak into her chest cavity and her lungs can't expand as a result.

She couldn't feed for 4 months, just was on nutrition drip throughout because each time we trial a feed, even with low fat special formula, her lungs will be filled with chyle.

At at time, as a first time mum, I just didn't know what to do but to just follow the nurses instruction to express milk every 3 hours

Pumping milk in a way helped me focus on something else maybe it made me feel I could do something for her when she was in NICU, neonatal intensive unit. I felt quite helpless then, couldn't cuddle her until about 3 months after I gave birth to her.

I just kept pumping, dunno how i manage to do it last time also, then as I connected with other moms with babies with similar condition, I realised that there are moms who actually spin their breast milk using a centrifuge to make fat free milk

Suggested this idea to her primary baby doctor but I guess it has not been done in Australia before, they just didn't take it seriously..

However we tried everything, every medication and it wasn't working. So I printed more research articles to bring to the doctors, bought my own centrifuge, learnt how to spin my own breast milk before even getting an approval if we can feed her with it

This is my centrifuge with 6 tubes of 15 ml breast milk

After a high speed spin, the fat sits on the top and I will pop it into the fridge to let it set, it's like a cappuccino with froth on top

After maybe 30 mins in the fridge, I would then extract the liquid gold, the fat free component of breast milk using a needle and a syringe

It's very clear after extraction, just like coconut water!! But just be 99.99% fat free, I spin this again so and repeat the same process to ensure no fat at all

So tiring la but what to do, that was my only hope

Then I contacted a food lab and got them to test the spun breast milk for any fat content.

The result was awesome, less than 1% of fat..

Her primary doctor also then agreed to try it out on her, so many doctors were skeptical..

Guess what, yup she loved it! Started with very low amounts, 1ml every 3 hours and slowly increase as they kept doing chest X-ray to see any accumulation of fluid in her chest.

Miracles do happen when you believe them

It was a success, nutritionist got involved and we tested the nutritional content on centrifuged breast milk and the results were superb, all the important vitamins and minerals needed (except for fat) for a baby were there..

I was so happy to know how good breast milk can be..

As she could tolerate the fat free breast milk, then they started to add in coconut fat which is a medium chain fatty acid that doesn't leak into her chest cavity. They could also adjust the amount of fat to introduced, slowing increasing after close monitoring.

My baby girl left a legacy and till today I am proud of it

Cos after it was considered a success and and not long after she was even promoted to special care nursery, started breathing on her own, without support, she decided that she's done her purpose and happy with everyone's service. Her passing was painful but she has taught me many lessons of life. I will try to focus on the blessings than the pain.

So moms out there, even with pure intentions to feed breast milk to your babies, even once or for a day or for how ever long, depending on your circumstances, you are giving the greatest gift a child could possibly receive.

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.

Gambatte breastfeeding mummas! You are my inspiration 🙂

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