Peanut butter jelly sandwich..

Had almost finished a whole bottle of crunchy peanut butter in a month!

Work day today. I started working part time 3 days a week because this second pregnancy is stressful for me, all the conscious and subconscious fears and worries keep resurfacing and it affects me emotionally. It's exhausting!! So since I love myself so much (hehe), I decided it's important for me to just take it easy.

I just feel grateful that work understands and hubby is supportive. He wasn't at the start but the tiger in me came out to play and demanded for it.

I didn't expect the intense emotions to reappear again when I fell pregnant. It's like watching a old horror movie again and the flashbacks are just popping like nobody's business.

I just gotta face it all, what else can I do..if I need to cry, cry lor, no need to suppress those feelings because they are real and true..

I can do this, rise above this challenge

Need to do more happy things to offset the residual sadness..

@noneofyourbeezwax and @klutzclumlov please continue to post pictures of Jarrod and Hana so that it will be one of my happy things to do. I am loving the long distance romance going on, hehe.

@klutzcumlov This the peanut butter that I go for at the moment but I always try different brands, depends on what's on sale! Haha

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