Couldn't resist la, had to satisfy my noodle soup cravings for breakfast. This time normal chicken soup as a base and I add a lot of spinach

Today I had a fun and productive morning, went to highpoint to shop shop, bought myself a gluten free chocolate cupcake from cupcake central..

Found some cute headbands for miss hana chan, can't wait to post them to you @klutzclumlov!! I just love shopping for babies, dunno maybe I shall blame it on my hormones..

Tempted to take pictures of the headbands but then won't be a surprise adi la, Hana you gotta be patient

Eating my turmeric roast chicken rice, doesn't look nice so no picture, hubby put too much salt when he marinated it.. I used to love this this but now i just lose appetite even with the smell!

Since I am feeling up for cooking, I am making gluten free soon kueh/ cai kueh for the first time..

Ingredients: mushroom, dried prawn, black fungus, grated yam bean and carrot

Stir fry them with garlic, coconut amino (soya sauce replacement) pepper, salt and sesame oil

Omg, after making it, suddenly super sleepy and tired, so went to take a quick nap and then continue later

Made the dough with rice flour and tapioca flour, oil and salt

Didn't realize it's so tedious until started to wrap those vege dumplings..

Nervous!! Then hubby came home and I was not done wrapping, kena nagged by him for making a mess and for tiring myself making them.

The freshly steamed chai kueh, taste very yummy, so worth every effort and the nagging.. If only I can just buy them in Melb to satisfy craving, don't have to make, so sanfu

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