Week 14 today

Happiness in a bowl, these super sweet strawberries are a delight!! #simplepleasuresinlife

Went to Vic Mart today to buy more strawberries and fruits! Bought like 20 passion fruits cos I eat 2 everyday, the tangy and sweetness of it is just right for nausea. Fruits and carbs are like my go to if I have morning morning sickness..

I used to eat like 2 apples a day,having an apple in my handbag at all times! Haha

Morning snack after shopping: smoked eggplant dip with corn tortillas and more strawberries!

All mine..all mine!! 20 of them, Noler, still got to share with hubby.

Just googled to check if it safe to eat passion fruit during pregnancy. Haha.. Should have checked before buying 20 right?

Apparently, it's good for pregnancy especially during the first trimester, cos it has many health benefits:

1) rich in fiber: good for constipation ✅
2) high in antioxidants ✅
3) good source of vitamin c : essential for baby!! ✅✅
4) good for people with insomnia: that's me, no wonder I feel much more calmer and relaxed. It has this soporific effect on nervous system ✅

Week 14 bump, hello baby! Mummy loves you.. Praying that you are growing well, staying healthy and happy in there!

The bump is more obvious in the evening, so at work, I get a bit conscious that my colleagues are staring at my huge tummy, dunno how long can I keep this a secret? This time my bump is bigger than last time, maybe my muscles all stretched out adi?

Because of loss of my first child and having a traumatic pregnancy the last time, it's only normal that I feel scared, worried or fearful at times, I am surprised that I am managing my emotions pretty well these days..

I try to focus on positive and happy things in life and just be more relaxed abt pregnancy and baby stuffs, I guess not being so paranoid helps!! Haha

One trick my mom taught me, coz I was so worried and scared one time

See this box, no it doesn't have Laduree Macarons unfortunately

I used it as my blessing coin box!! So everytime I have a fearful thought or I feel very worried, I take out a coin, hold the coin and send out a blessing to someone else or sometime myself (during desperate times).

I didn't expect for this to work for me. I guess it helps me get out of that worried state and it feels like I am doing a good deed everytime I had a negative thought.

I will donate those coins to the local temple or something when the time is right 🙂

Sometimes you just have to let go and see what happens

In this moment, I am happy and grateful that I have reached 14 weeks. Grateful to fall pregnant, grateful for my baby, grateful for the support I have received so far, grateful to feel peaceful and grateful that I have dayre to note down my journey..

Having leftovers char Siew with veg on rice #glutenfree

Hubby made this! He has to learn how to improvise malaysian/Asian food for it to be gluten free for me. This char Siew, he used coconut amino instead of soy sauce..

@joosing, this is the cocoa butter cream that I was talking about..

French toast with honey inspired by @notanotherbigmomma doesn't look as nice as notanotherbigmomma's but it did satisfy my craving

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