First blog post on WordPress

This is the post excerpt.

I am so happy to have all my dayre posts on here!


Sophie wanted to spread peanut butter on her bread herself, she eats my gluten free bread although she’s not on a gluten free diet. And her dada was worried about the mess she could make and then went over to help her

Senget picture, but here she’s eating cleavers organic roast lamb with rice and snowpeas

she’s still quite a messy eater.

Asleep and back to work for me

A photo of Sophie I took last week, I am quite behind in my editing cos I have been doing a few portfolios shoots and commissioned work.

Plus, I decide to add another workshop to the long list of things I am doing. I am doing a photoshop workshop and I am excited, honestly I am clueless about it as there is so much that can be done in lightroom, but I love to learn about it to see what magic I can do with my photos.

Every evening, I normally take photo to the playground so that hubs can clean up the house and wash the dishes, I feel that our roles are reversed, he willingly wants to clean, and so I take her out so that he can concentrate on that, then we would come home, shower her and put her to sleep.

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