126 days kriya/ meditation, swimming classes

So I am doing this meditation and it’s been 9 days already.

It is called the damaru kriya, a kriya for your arcline. Women has two arc line, one is shoulder to shoulder over our heads, like a halo and another from nipple to nipple (for bonding with baby).

And thus, we always have to strengthen our Arc line, our intuition gets clear, your thoughts and wishes creates the reality.

A few years ago I did a 40 Day kriya and the transformation, shifts as well as blessings received was out of this world, I wonder what will happen with this one.

If anyone is interested to do this kriya, let me know, I will share it with you. The first 40 days is for 11 mins, take a 3 day break and then the next 40 days is 22 mins and then 3 day break and the next 40 days is 33 mins.

Sophie enjoying swimming classes, she used to so frightened of water and pool, she’s really overcome her fear!

High five after the class!

The only way I could convince her to go on her car seat was to tell her that we are going to see Jarrod, she loves hanging out with him! Can see that they will be such good friends growing up!

Damaru kriya

Before doing any kundulini yoga kriyas, it’s best to chant these two mantras, to tune in to your divine teacher within and the lineage of teachers who has pass the teachings down.

Ong namo guru dev namo (3 times)

When you chant this, you feel the vibration of the naad (sound current) on your lips and nose area.

Then followed by the heart protection mantra

Aad guray nameh

Jugaat guray nameh

Sat guru nameh

Siri guru dayvay nameh

It means..

I bow to the Primal Wisdom.

I bow to the Wisdom through the Ages.

I bow to the True Wisdom.

I bow to the great, unseen Wisdom

I got the translation from spirit voyage webpage.

It is said if you chant these two mantras in the morning , you are protected throughout your day. It creates a safe space for your heart to open up and be vulnerable to release some stuffs.

Then you go ahead and do the damaru kriya..

Which is to put your two hands up just like when you take an oath, but with two hands, you cup your fingers and twist your hand front and back, your eyes are closed, and the mantra you use is


Each time you say har, you will twist your wrist and cupped fingers to the front and har again to twist it to the back.

And keep going until you reach 11 mins,

Around 7 mins mark, you will feel challenged, but that’s when you got to keep up! Once you make it through to 11 mins, the bliss follows,

For one week I did it, I started coughing a lot and my throat was blocked and sore, I guess it was shift I needed. Today, it’s the first day I feel my throat is free. So I guess my communication / throat chakra was blocked.

The word damaru means drum, the universal drum, the rhythm of the cosmos, and if you align to that, everything you want in your life will flow to you and all you have to do is set your intentions, let go of outcome and allow it to come.

Har is a prosperity mantra, it means pro spirit, not wealth in terms of money wise but living a life which flows with your spirit, which is always whole, enough and complete.

3 thoughts on “126 days kriya/ meditation, swimming classes”

  1. I am interested if you have time to share kriya meditation here. Thanks 😊😊😊 I always love to hear this from you.you are such a great teacher. And I’m still drinking celery juice every morning!!


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