Sophie won’t want to leave childcare

Yes, you read it right….

These days I need to coax and negotiate with her to leave childcare cos she loves it so much..

In one way, I am happy, and in another perspective, I am sad, because she’s happier to be at childcare and not with me.

The sacrifices of a working mom, I guess we can’t have it all and just have to make the best of the path we have taken.

She’s can be such a tom boy, when I picked her up today, she was chasing after her friends and laughing and hiding and jumping. So much joy, when she comes home, it’s all about chores, brushing teeth, eating, going to sleep..,

It’s so addictive, my fav blend is on guard as it keeps sickness away.

Second fav is lavender, and then followed by lime, it makes me happy whenever I diffuse them. Lime uplifts me and I like to diffuse it after work.

I use flower essence, flower therapy, and I love being in nature, so aromatherapy and essential oils fits in so well with my lifestyle, I was wondering why I haven’t used it regularly in the past, I do have other essential oils like the perfect potion ones..

I took the let it go flower essence today, as I felt there’s something I could release, especially coming up to the full moon

our apples, it’s so sweet and juicy! Last year we harvested them too early

And bigger too, last year we had all small apples

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