Thoughts about Setting up a small business

Omg, it’s hard work, especially if you are a mama as well, working full time and studying.

But everything feels right and I am happy. It is scary and I was fearful to put myself out there, those doubts I had dissolved and I just have to power though and put in the effort.

My number one purpose is always being mama to Sophie and my Sammie who has left us. I just have to temporarily do the motherhood and business owner and full time work juggle as I have a vision and dream at the end.

I read an article and it’s says, there are times where your children need you more, and you got to be there. And there’s time where you are needed at work, and you just be there.. I couldn’t agree more..

I have so much to learn about marketing and branding and the business side of things for photography, I am so grateful to be in classes and receiving support.

The most important thing I tell myself is to have fun and go along the journey with why I am doing this at the first place, my big why..

Which is

I want mothers to have nice pictures with their kids and families.

I was at the receiving end when Sammie passed away, a photographer from heartfelt came and help us take some family portraits, and until now I do remember the day we turn off her life support.

Despite how sad and devastating it was, the photographer managed to capture connection and beauty in that moment, which I treasured.

This is what I want for other moms, to be able to freeze a moment in time and observe the beauty unfolding in the family.

That’s is why I get someone to take my family photos every year. Because nothing is ever permanent.

Oh my gosh, super off topic here..

this morning I read about this boy alby from the.small.folk , he was playing with some bouncy balls from his 4th birthday party pack, and tragically the ball was stuck in his windpipe and he passed away being held by his mom, it was a few seconds or minutes, it’s so fleeting and my heart ache for the family

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