I want to talk about anxiety, suddenly in the mood of writing, which is so rare, maybe it’s all the meditation that I have been doing.

I am a anxiety prone person, little things used to get me so anxious, my dosha is vata and thus it makes sense that I can be a bit flighty and nervous whenever I am out of balance.

For me, food plays a key role with dealing with anxiety, when I am anxious, I know I am dealing with food insensitivity, and chemical overload, like mercury.

When I was pregnant with Sophie, my anxiety skyrocketed, that I couldn’t sleep.

And I had to learn to sit with my anxiety and it was an eye opening experience, if anyone reading here has anxiety, I hear you and I wanna give you a big hug now. It’s scary and hard to sit and face your anxiety.

You will feel like your heart is racing and jumping out of your chest, that fear that you may not catch the next breath, the sweating on your armpits and palm, it’s scary to to face it.

It’s easier to run away from it, to find a distraction to escape it, to watch tv, to binge eating, to tapping.. but it will keep coming back until you decide to welcome anxiety with open arms and be kind to yourself whilst at it.

Whenever I could feel the wave of anxiety coming, I tell myself, just allow it, don’t resist, let’s be curious for a bit to see the depth of this wave, let’s welcome it and just give it its full attention it needs.

I found that once I acknowledge it, it passes and today looking back at that experience, I am grateful to be anxious, as now I can relate to anyone who goes through that, I can be compassionate as I know what it feels to go through anxiety.

There’s nothing to be ashamed about anxiety, it just means that our sensitive body is telling us a message and keeps repeating it until we give up and start to listen to it.

And I read an article that in a group of monkeys, one would need to be anxiety prone to keep the whole group safe, how cool is that. If you can switch your perspective and give anxiety a purpose, wouldn’t you be contributing to greater connection and humanity.

And if you have anxiety, you are not alone. And one day you will heal, trust me.

3 thoughts on “Anxiety”

  1. I didn’t know anxiety could be due to food sensitivity and chemical overload. I get anxious easily and I’m wondering how do I go about finding out what food might the cause of my anxiety?


    1. I did kinesiology last time, so it’s like muscle testing to see what the body doesn’t like, I found that once I started drinking organic celery juice everyday, my anxiety went away., for real, which helps get rid of toxins. I did mercury chelation before as I found high levels of mercury when I did hair mineral testing.

      Maybe try celery juice and eating seaweed and coriander, and see how you feel first? I know msg and too much gluten and diary makes me out of whack

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