Nurturing Sophie and my love for yoga

putting her babies to sleep, she can do this all day

So cheeky

Taking a pic, she was playing in the cot and I was working on the single bed beside the cot

Using this dulse as flavourinh for Sophie’s omelette

Dinner for Sophie, she will eat our stir fry beef dish later, I can’t cook stir fry beef, my hubs says that I will steam the beef 😔

Nope she doesn’t like her seaweed in her omelette but prefers to eat her seaweed raw. 😧😧

Today, she came up to me and said

I love you Mummy

My heart exploded with love and she’s been so sweet.

I am still doing the damaru kriya, it’s been almost 14days, I could feel myself feeling lighter and stronger, really grounded and clear, I can’t imagine what experiences I get when I reach 126 days..

11mins seems like a sweet spot these days, my hands do not ache since I have practiced kundulini yoga for years now, I have build a stamina for it.

Usually I would go for moon yoga workshops every 2 weeks on a Friday night, but tomm night, I wanna cook curry chicken 😂…… priority for the weekend! and even my hubs will remind me to go as he sees the shift in me but I said I wanna cook curry chicken, he has no comments

I have been chanting all these mantras, and it’s funny how it flows into the people around you unintentionally, they become the recipient of the spiritual journey you are in.

One day, Sophie came up to me and said sat nam

Sat nam..,

Sat means truth

Nam means name

It means I see your true nature.

Whenever she says that it’s a reminder to me to tune in to the divinity within.

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