Day 1 of 22 mins damaru kriya


Sorry that I have disappeared, I committed myself to a lot of things in my life and didn’t have time to write.

Today, I find myself awake at 4am with my heart pounding like crazy from anxiety, I knew it’s time for me to rest. You see, i kept going, I pushed through even though my body told me to rest, sometimes old habits resurface and that’s ok, the most important thing is that I am kind to myself when that happens.

I worked very hard the last 3 months. So so hard, it’s fulfilling but i feel the waves of overwhelmed and stress, so it’s time to reflect and reset and simplify.

I have done 40 days of 11 mins damaru kriya and rested for 3 days. And today 6th of April, I am starting 40 days of 22 mins, maybe that is why I woke up at 4am this morning. Because I have this mission of doing this meditation, 22 mins of saying har and putting my hands up and flicking my fingers. It will be painful, it will push me to a space where there’s discomfort and pain, however i get trained to sit with these feelings, and in the midst of that, find bliss and peace.

Wish me luck! Here’s a quote from yogi bhajan about this meditation.

You know it’s not and there is no much to it. It is called, it is actually, it is damaru Kriya, it’s name is damaru and it is what Lord Shiva has, if you see His Trishula about little bit underneath there is a one drum there and this is drum movement and it has those Chinese do this way, they move that and they chant with that but this damaru is very powerful, it takes five Tattvas and turns them into mega molecule radiation and in hundred twenty days you can project a beam and for that beam, you will become you.

So I did it, 22 mins of it, and it was hard, my arms were sore, but I feel so much like myself again.

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