Week 14 today

Happiness in a bowl, these super sweet strawberries are a delight!! #simplepleasuresinlife

Went to Vic Mart today to buy more strawberries and fruits! Bought like 20 passion fruits cos I eat 2 everyday, the tangy and sweetness of it is just right for nausea. Fruits and carbs are like my go to if I have morning morning sickness..

I used to eat like 2 apples a day,having an apple in my handbag at all times! Haha

Morning snack after shopping: smoked eggplant dip with corn tortillas and more strawberries!

All mine..all mine!! 20 of them, Noler, still got to share with hubby.

Just googled to check if it safe to eat passion fruit during pregnancy. Haha.. Should have checked before buying 20 right?

Apparently, it's good for pregnancy especially during the first trimester, cos it has many health benefits:

1) rich in fiber: good for constipation ✅
2) high in antioxidants ✅
3) good source of vitamin c : essential for baby!! ✅✅
4) good for people with insomnia: that's me, no wonder I feel much more calmer and relaxed. It has this soporific effect on nervous system ✅

Week 14 bump, hello baby! Mummy loves you.. Praying that you are growing well, staying healthy and happy in there!

The bump is more obvious in the evening, so at work, I get a bit conscious that my colleagues are staring at my huge tummy, dunno how long can I keep this a secret? This time my bump is bigger than last time, maybe my muscles all stretched out adi?

Because of loss of my first child and having a traumatic pregnancy the last time, it's only normal that I feel scared, worried or fearful at times, I am surprised that I am managing my emotions pretty well these days..

I try to focus on positive and happy things in life and just be more relaxed abt pregnancy and baby stuffs, I guess not being so paranoid helps!! Haha

One trick my mom taught me, coz I was so worried and scared one time

See this box, no it doesn't have Laduree Macarons unfortunately

I used it as my blessing coin box!! So everytime I have a fearful thought or I feel very worried, I take out a coin, hold the coin and send out a blessing to someone else or sometime myself (during desperate times).

I didn't expect for this to work for me. I guess it helps me get out of that worried state and it feels like I am doing a good deed everytime I had a negative thought.

I will donate those coins to the local temple or something when the time is right 🙂

Sometimes you just have to let go and see what happens

In this moment, I am happy and grateful that I have reached 14 weeks. Grateful to fall pregnant, grateful for my baby, grateful for the support I have received so far, grateful to feel peaceful and grateful that I have dayre to note down my journey..

Having leftovers char Siew with veg on rice #glutenfree

Hubby made this! He has to learn how to improvise malaysian/Asian food for it to be gluten free for me. This char Siew, he used coconut amino instead of soy sauce..

@joosing, this is the cocoa butter cream that I was talking about..

French toast with honey inspired by @notanotherbigmomma doesn't look as nice as notanotherbigmomma's but it did satisfy my craving

Couldn't resist la, had to satisfy my noodle soup cravings for breakfast. This time normal chicken soup as a base and I add a lot of spinach

Today I had a fun and productive morning, went to highpoint to shop shop, bought myself a gluten free chocolate cupcake from cupcake central..

Found some cute headbands for miss hana chan, can't wait to post them to you @klutzclumlov!! I just love shopping for babies, dunno maybe I shall blame it on my hormones..

Tempted to take pictures of the headbands but then won't be a surprise adi la, Hana you gotta be patient

Eating my turmeric roast chicken rice, doesn't look nice so no picture, hubby put too much salt when he marinated it.. I used to love this this but now i just lose appetite even with the smell!

Since I am feeling up for cooking, I am making gluten free soon kueh/ cai kueh for the first time..

Ingredients: mushroom, dried prawn, black fungus, grated yam bean and carrot

Stir fry them with garlic, coconut amino (soya sauce replacement) pepper, salt and sesame oil

Omg, after making it, suddenly super sleepy and tired, so went to take a quick nap and then continue later

Made the dough with rice flour and tapioca flour, oil and salt

Didn't realize it's so tedious until started to wrap those vege dumplings..

Nervous!! Then hubby came home and I was not done wrapping, kena nagged by him for making a mess and for tiring myself making them.

The freshly steamed chai kueh, taste very yummy, so worth every effort and the nagging.. If only I can just buy them in Melb to satisfy craving, don't have to make, so sanfu

Had such a fun night at the ball last night, it was like being a child again, carefree, and happy!!


Why la adults have to be so serious..

As expected, had dinner at like 9.30pm, I was nearly getting angry and so annoyed but luckily popcorn and fairy floss was my savior

Love the circus theme table setting

It was windy and it rained so bad that nobody went for the rides! So I guess I didn't miss out one bit..

The dj was awesome, the crowd was not shy to dance like no tomorrow, song choice was superb, especially when Taylor's swift shake it off came on, I couldn't resist going to the dance floor

Today I am going to a circus ball!! Woohoo

It will be at Luna park tonight. Hubby's studying mba and this this the school's annual ball. It's been ages since I attended a ball

I can't think of any circus costume for myself but hubby's going to dress up as a clown without the wig..

Must eat first before the ball because I am not sure when they will serve dinner.. Baby and me waits for nobody for food

My noodle soup craze. This time adding some Tom yum paste to the existing ham hock soup, cravings satisfied

Sighhhh, missing out on the fun.. There will be unlimited rides at Luna park but this time I have to miss it, I guess the hubs have to enjoy on behalf of us..

Luna park!!

Peanut butter jelly sandwich..

Had almost finished a whole bottle of crunchy peanut butter in a month!

Work day today. I started working part time 3 days a week because this second pregnancy is stressful for me, all the conscious and subconscious fears and worries keep resurfacing and it affects me emotionally. It's exhausting!! So since I love myself so much (hehe), I decided it's important for me to just take it easy.

I just feel grateful that work understands and hubby is supportive. He wasn't at the start but the tiger in me came out to play and demanded for it.

I didn't expect the intense emotions to reappear again when I fell pregnant. It's like watching a old horror movie again and the flashbacks are just popping like nobody's business.

I just gotta face it all, what else can I do..if I need to cry, cry lor, no need to suppress those feelings because they are real and true..

I can do this, rise above this challenge

Need to do more happy things to offset the residual sadness..

@noneofyourbeezwax and @klutzclumlov please continue to post pictures of Jarrod and Hana so that it will be one of my happy things to do. I am loving the long distance romance going on, hehe.

@klutzcumlov This the peanut butter that I go for at the moment but I always try different brands, depends on what's on sale! Haha

Today's breakfast: the same soup as yesterday but then I added Meehoon and instant wakame

Today feels like a lazy day for me.. It's cloudy outside and I just want to snuggle under my blanket and just stare at the ceiling..

It's funny how I love to watch cartoons only during pregnancy. Strawberry shortcake, Peppa Pig, giggle and hoot, Totoro amuses me!

During the early weeks, when I had to lie down a lot, and feeling so nauseated, watching those cartoons kinda make me more happy.. Haha.. Funny pregnancy hormones..

Went for my weekly acupuncture.. And then got so sleepy after that, so took a quick nap

My teatime snack, sausage roll…can't wait to dig in

Nurturing soup

Ham hock soup with tofu and zucchini for breakfast this morning

Of course that’s not enough..

Had avocado (seasoned with salt) on gluten free precinct buckwheat and chia bread

Hubby made lunch for me to bring to work today but I forgot to take it a picture.. It was beef burger patty with mash potato.. Yummmmy

Why I drink warm soup for breakfast everyday?

1) my tummy gets really nice, warm and cosy after soup in the morning
2) I stopped drinking coffee 3 years ago and soup is like my coffee replacement: energy booster!!
3) I feel so nourished after drinking! Maybe it’s got those hidden minerals and nutrients
4) bone broth also has got like gelatin, very good for the gut and skin!! So for skin, why not drink hor?

centrifuged breast milk, skinny milk

Sweet potato noodle soup for breakfast

Breast milk, the miracle healing liquid

My first child was born sick and she couldn't tolerate full fat milk as the fat or they call it chyle will leak into her chest cavity and her lungs can't expand as a result.

She couldn't feed for 4 months, just was on nutrition drip throughout because each time we trial a feed, even with low fat special formula, her lungs will be filled with chyle.

At at time, as a first time mum, I just didn't know what to do but to just follow the nurses instruction to express milk every 3 hours

Pumping milk in a way helped me focus on something else maybe it made me feel I could do something for her when she was in NICU, neonatal intensive unit. I felt quite helpless then, couldn't cuddle her until about 3 months after I gave birth to her.

I just kept pumping, dunno how i manage to do it last time also, then as I connected with other moms with babies with similar condition, I realised that there are moms who actually spin their breast milk using a centrifuge to make fat free milk

Suggested this idea to her primary baby doctor but I guess it has not been done in Australia before, they just didn't take it seriously..

However we tried everything, every medication and it wasn't working. So I printed more research articles to bring to the doctors, bought my own centrifuge, learnt how to spin my own breast milk before even getting an approval if we can feed her with it

This is my centrifuge with 6 tubes of 15 ml breast milk

After a high speed spin, the fat sits on the top and I will pop it into the fridge to let it set, it's like a cappuccino with froth on top

After maybe 30 mins in the fridge, I would then extract the liquid gold, the fat free component of breast milk using a needle and a syringe

It's very clear after extraction, just like coconut water!! But just be 99.99% fat free, I spin this again so and repeat the same process to ensure no fat at all

So tiring la but what to do, that was my only hope

Then I contacted a food lab and got them to test the spun breast milk for any fat content.

The result was awesome, less than 1% of fat..

Her primary doctor also then agreed to try it out on her, so many doctors were skeptical..

Guess what, yup she loved it! Started with very low amounts, 1ml every 3 hours and slowly increase as they kept doing chest X-ray to see any accumulation of fluid in her chest.

Miracles do happen when you believe them

It was a success, nutritionist got involved and we tested the nutritional content on centrifuged breast milk and the results were superb, all the important vitamins and minerals needed (except for fat) for a baby were there..

I was so happy to know how good breast milk can be..

As she could tolerate the fat free breast milk, then they started to add in coconut fat which is a medium chain fatty acid that doesn't leak into her chest cavity. They could also adjust the amount of fat to introduced, slowing increasing after close monitoring.

My baby girl left a legacy and till today I am proud of it

Cos after it was considered a success and and not long after she was even promoted to special care nursery, started breathing on her own, without support, she decided that she's done her purpose and happy with everyone's service. Her passing was painful but she has taught me many lessons of life. I will try to focus on the blessings than the pain.

So moms out there, even with pure intentions to feed breast milk to your babies, even once or for a day or for how ever long, depending on your circumstances, you are giving the greatest gift a child could possibly receive.

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.

Gambatte breastfeeding mummas! You are my inspiration 🙂

Home sweet home

So so happy to be home from work! I didn't sleep well last night, woke up a few times feeling hot. Isn't too early to feel these hot flushes? Or do we just generally feel warmer during pregnancy..

Now just gotta cook…. Cos hubby has night classes tonight and I am all home alone..

The best time to sing..

All by myself… Don't wanna be all by myself…

My dinner tonight… baked coconut amino chicken with stirfry veges . Replica of soy chicken #glutenfree

First post!!

Hello!! This is my first dayre post! I am inspired to set up an account to maybe, hopefully connect with other mamas to be and moms!!!

Currently I am 12 weeks pregnant, malaysian living in Melbourne! So far, during pregnancy, I have been craving malaysian food, ohhh, especially anything soupy… Or spicy.. Curry laksa, nasi lemak, Assam laksa, and missing home so much…

feeling nauseated and tired especially when I forgot to snack..

Yay! I have my first follower. Just when I thought it’s going to really quiet here.. Thanks @rayleentan

Hmm, what can I share so far? I haven’t told any of my friends that I am expecting yet. It’s just that I had a high risk pregnancy 2 years ago, gave birth to a baby girl when she’s 33 weeks, she was very sick and I was heartbroken, eventually after 5 months stay in NICU..she decided to leave and be my angel. It was traumatic but then there were so many blessings too.

It took me lots of courage to try for another one. And I am glad my heart can be open to another child.

I guess we can never be fully ready, but I know I just got to look forward and just have faith and believe that although shit happens, my desire to be a mom and have my own child outweighs the fear and anxiety that I may go through.

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I couldn’t sleep for almost 2 months, I was so anxious and worried, scared..

Now, i am feeling more relaxed about the whole thing as I am getting used to the idea of pregnancy. I try to push those scary thoughts to the back of my mind. I kept myself occupied reading posts of dayre moms and their cute babies, surprisingly I find that it makes me hopeful and positive 🙂

Talking about nausea, This happy mama spray is my lifesaver when I feel queasy, it’s an aromatherapy spray with refreshing citrus scent. So good to use with feeling nauseated in a car ride.