Happy Lunar New Year and hives

Happy cny everyone!

I have over indulged and as a result I covered with hives, i may have convinced myself that gluten and wheat does not give me such a bad reaction.. but I guess if you add doing too much, not enough rest to the formula, my body gives me a sign.

And so looks like self care boundaries has to be put into place

I have a Steller account if you wish to follow my shares on health and wellness, Sophie, kundulini yoga and mindfulness, maybe photography?

My instagram is mostly use for my photography, thus I know I need an outlet to share and write about what I am discovering

It was good all day and now my hand and upper body start to flare up..

Sophie changing her owls nappy today.

I tried using Steller but it’s not as user friendly as dayre. And on insta, I mainly use that for my photography.

Steller doesn’t feel the same for sure, maybe I am really missing dayre now.

I just want to say I grateful for dayre and the wonderful friends that I met here.

I started dayre 12 weeks pregnant with Sophie and with lots of anxiety and fear. Dayre was a distraction to me at that time and connecting with other moms made me feel supported. I will always be thankful for the friendships we made here.

I feel bittersweet to say goodbye as I have so many good memories and fun. I documented my first year with Sophie here and received lots of support.

If you still want to keep in touch, please find me in private IG sueyeez.

If you can let me know that you are from dayre, I will approve your request!

Omg, I was reading back all my posts about Sophie’s birth and all, it’s so nice to look back and remember what it was like that time, my birth was difficult but now I have forgotten, no wonder they say moms forget their birth and have another baby again

An iPhone pic of me and Sophie that hubs took yesterday, the golden light was so amazing that I wish that I brought my camera. I looked tired cos I was, but my heart is full.

I wanna thank @noneofyourbeezwax for being my first friend here on dayre, then @gracezz for offering your lemons and then connecting with us.

@justpeachy I had been folllowing your dayre before starting to write and it’s great to rekindle friendship after all these years, you are such an inspirational and determined person.

Melb dayre peeps.. so thankful for your ladies.. we have a community here, to support one another.. @nekochan @lorettalo @floyeoh @karenchen @twinbuzz @thehappyone

Foodie mamas @wokandkadhai and @kimberzilla

I remember following baby Hana and loving all your post on cute Hana when I was pregnant @klutzclumlov ❤️

@nicvictorieux I always love reading your post about zac, cos Sophie and zac is about the same age and now Avery, you are such a big hearted mom, hope to meet you one day..

@mamaschmidt thank you for taking time to check in with me those early days of pregnancy and first few months of birth. And my first photographer friend

@iseesu @mschen @aprilalicious @twolittlewhales @wsjywsjy @mrsergul @evephoria @elaj29 @jellster @shenshen @glooomi @mellyapyi @Purpur @expatwannabe @yuyubee it was great knowing you all! Thank you for the friendship ❤️❤️

@AussieMummy nice to have you share lunch boxes, food and your wonderful kids!

@shaufun for opening up on grieving and being brave about sharing

@choopeechu only recently connected with you, a power mama, hope we still keep in touch on ig

@jolingx you were the first friend on dayre to eat paleo, I thought I was pretty much alone back then.

Just remembering moments I had with a dayre friend here..

@scwong those sleepless chats! And about how our kids are addicted to nen nen to sleep

@twinbuzz your yummy meals, I like looking at them and get inspiration

@thehappyone thank you for your words, and for trusting me and pushing to finally start my photography business

Oh yeah, my family lifestyle photography ig page is suetanphotography

I have been using this oil religiously, even brought it along my trip to the beach. Sophie had a bit of runny nose on Friday, so I brought my diffuser and this oil and I am so glad I brought it, cos the next day, no more runny nose. It’s hard not to believe that it works for us. This is the most used oil and I used half a bottle already.

My oils. I can’t believe I got sucked in, I hardly use any of the others, don’t really know much of them, and haven’t read properly about them, the other oils I always use is lavender, peppermint and lemon.

We spent the day at the beach yesterday, it was so lovely, so hot, but so nice to soak in the water.

Sophie took a late nap at 4pm so we stayed at the beach until 9pm😂, so worth it thought watching the sun set, and I got to experiment with beach golden hour pics

Pink sky!

she was enjoying fruits while watching and kept feeding us

See how pretty the sunset was, I can’t wait to upload the photos from my camera. I was a bit frustrated taking those pics, cos beach golden hour is out of my league, as in I hardly have experience, so I am constantly fiddling with my settings, changing shutter speed and aperture

Looking forward to chilling at the beach this evening!

Cloudy day, but the water is so calming and healing, so good for our body!

I always think seawater is where we offload our negativity, and the waves reminds me of flowing with life and releasing resistance

Celery juice first thing in the morning, I try not to skip this

Sophie patting Bella, my friend’s dog

Seaweed soup for after nap snack

Some har gao for me, got this from terra Madre, I was surprised organic shops stock frozen har gao